Our Mission

The Association shall exist for the education, encouragement and the support of its members in their individual and collective efforts to achieve the following objectives:

  •   The eradication of racial and class bias from all aspects of the judicial process;
  • Continuing judicial education in all areas of the judicial process through meetings, seminars, conferences, and forums for the exchange of judicial experiences;
  • Providing information to and education of the public as to all issues involving the courts;
  • Exploring ways to develop, analyze, and improve the judicial, managerial, and administrative systems for eradicating case backlogs and for the improvement of the entire judicial system;
  • Effectively addressing problems of long standing which have not provoked
    positive action on the part of the general judiciary, such as the appointment versus the election of judges and the extent of the powers of the Judicial Tenure Commission;
  • Involving the communities we serve in the processing of objective information about the operation of the courts, thus improving the public confidence in our courts.

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